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Sixeal® offers numerous advantages for metal to metal applications


Close collaboration between Deltar and ball bearing and socket manufacturers has given rise to Sixeal®, a kit consisting of nickel silicon carbide NiSiC coated ball bearings and socket joints. Sixeal® offers numerous advantages for metal to metal applications.
Corrosion resistance, increased hardness, no finishing grinding and polishing, complete surface coating, elasticity, reduced costs,time savings. Sixeal® offers advantages in metal to metal applications in order to obtain optimal valve performance; this treatment represents the highest performing and most reliable solution in the attainment of completely coated surfaces.

This specific coating technique makes it possible to avoid critical zones, guaranteeing drastically reduced erosion, which translates into excellent wear resistance. A single treatment makes it possible to prepare the trim for the corrosive and abrasive aspects of operation, while offering a good metal to metal seal.

Silicon carbide microparticles are added into the ENP “bath” in order to obtain a nickel coating incorporating sub-particles that are distributed uniformly throughout the treated surface. The result is a hard component, homogeneously and strongly incorporated within a nickel matrix that combines the hardness properties of silicon with the chemical resistance of ENP. Since the process is based on the same procedure used for Electroless nickel plating, the thickness of the Sixeal® coating is kept even over the entire coated surface. The typical surface hardness of Sixeal® reaches 1200 Hv, creating the best conditions for the simple reduction of surface roughness to 0.2 Ra over the entire ball bearing surface, and 0.1 Ra on the adapted area, giving an ideal torque level, and consequently preserving kit integrity.

The extreme hardness of the coating and the chemical resistance of nickel protection allow the use of high performance carbon steel A350 LF2 to obtain excellent performance between -46 and 550°C, guaranteeing excellent physico-chemical and abrasion characteristics.


  • Operating temperature
    Sixeal® kits are suited to a broad range of operating temperatures
  • Wear resistance
    -Excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion, guaranteeing a low friction coefficient
  • Time and cost savings
    •Low maintenance cost
    •Reduced final costs
    •Rapid application process
  • High performance
    •The valve achieves high performances at both high and low pressure differentials
    •The valve achieves high seal performance in either flow direction
    •Temperature and pressure variations have no influence on valve performance
    •Valve seal is guaranteed under all conditions (gas, fluid, DBB)
  • Hardness
    •High levels of hardness guarantee resistance in all stages of assembly and operation
    •High levels of hardness allow operation in dirty and sand-filled environments
  • Stability of design
    The uniformity of transfer makes it possible to contain post-treatment processing costs and guarantee dimensions with respect to the design plans
  • Constant torque
    The uniformity of coating and the low surface roughness that can be attained make it possible to reduce valve opening torque, thus maintaining seal performance.


The characteristics of Sixeal® allow flexible metal to metal joint seat design. Indeed, thanks to the extremely high ductility of the Ni-SiC coating, Sixeal® technology allows payoff benefits in terms of spring resistance, piston effect and to follow elastic deformations in the ball bearing, and consequently allows valve manufacturers to reduce valve ball bearing dimensions while leaving ball valve performance unaltered.


The lapping stage, conducted using a cast iron ring and cutting paste, is necessary in order to attain precision sphericity. The subsequent stage consists of adjustments between the ball bearings and seats. The latter is verified by performing the “Prussian blue” test to verify 100% seat contact. The improved performance of the Ni-SiC treatment is guaranteed by a second coupling stage, performed subsequent Ni-SiC treatment. A hermetic seal and the correct surface roughness of the contact zone ensure final matching that is achieved through the use of several grades of diamond paste.


The process is supervised from the start: beginning from the Prussian blue test, sphericity and circularity are rigorously checked, moving on to a post-lapping stage and finishing with a bubble test to 100% specificity. Hardness, density, fouling, thickness and corrosion testing are required as standard for surface treatment qualification.


The correct combination between SIXEAL®, ball bearing and valve seat front and the retro-seat seal and closure make a metal to metal kit ideally suited to all types of application: high temperature, cryogenic, “slurry” applications, H2S, rapid opening valves, etc.

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Sixeal® offers numerous advantages for metal to metal applications...


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