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Dshield is a codeposit consisting of a galvanized, iridescent or silver base coating and a Deltar topcoat .

The most important feature is the high corrosion resistance associated with a low thickness. Deltar-Shield is processed according to the ASTM B 633-98 and ASTM B117-97 reference standards.


  • High corrosion resistance
  • Absolute uniformity of deposition
  • No tip effect
  • Low thickness
  • Self-healing
  • Absence of wide tolerances on the finished piece

Technical specifications

D-shield is applied to galvanized, iridescent passivated or silver plated materials, in order to preserve the deposit itself from corrosion. This feature is due to the presence of the D-Shield topcoat, an organic coating in which submicron particles of organic polymers and polysilicides are incorporated. Mechanical stresses, such as chafing, slight rifling and shock do not cause premature white corrosion phenomena. The corrosion resistance in salt spray chamber conducted sec ASTM B 117 of parts coated with 12 ums and heat-treated subpods at 120°C for 1 h, verified the absence of white corrosion for 350 hours and the absence of red rust for 450 hours. In addition, repeated thermal tests at 120°C/ 1 hour do not produce any alteration in protective qualities.

Some examples of features

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