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A production capacity of
20,000 m2 of which 12,000 are covered

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Trattamenti di nichelatura

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Nichelatura Chimica

Il trattamento di nichelatura chimica consente di depositare chimicamente uno strato di nichel sui pezzi immersi…


Il codeposito Nichel Chimico-Carburo di Silicio (NiSiC) assicura al particolare da esso rivestito un’elevata durezza…


La finitura Deltar-Shield è stata realizzata per ottenere un topcoat con una elevata resistenza alla corrosione…

Nickel PTFE

Il Nickel ptfe è un codeposito costituito da nichel chimico ad alto fosforo…

Touch UP

Il touch up nasce dall’esigenza di dover rivestire zone rimaste scoperte…


Sixeal offre numerosi vantaggi per le applicazioni metal to metal…


Leading Electroless Nickel-Plating company

Specialised in high phosphorus Nickel deposition, Electroless Nickel-Silicon Carbide NiSiC (Delsic) and Nickel PTFE deposition, Deltar began operations in 1960, evolving over time to become the business it is today.
A business that is not only synonymous with excellent quality and reliability, but also great production capacity with extremely fast delivery times. The company makes use of the largest processing systems available on the market, additionally offering logistical services thanks to 20,000 m2 available floor space, 12,000 of which covered.

The plants are located in the province of Milan, close to Milan-Linate airport.

The largest processing system in the world

Deltar has access to the largest Nickel-plating facility available at the international level, with the ability to coat pieces weighing up to 58 tonnes, with dimensions in excess of 5 metres in length and 2.6 metres in diameter. The coating processes available include high phosphorus Electroless Nickel (ENP 1012), Nickel-Silicon Carbide-NiSiC (Delsic), Nickel–PTFE and Deltar Shield deposition.

Technologies, processing systems and laboratory

  • Systems for items of large and small dimensions, in both rack and barrel formats.
  • Nickel-plate stripping system using specific acid-free solutions, capable of removing the surface coating alone and maintaining original surface integrity.
  • 4 furnaces for heat treatments up to 700°C
  • Ball polishing systems up to 60”
  • Sand-blasting systems
  • Electronic drying systems
  • Microscopic analysis of deposit physico-chemical characteristics
  • Saline spray chamber
  • Surface roughness gauges
  • Static microhardness tester
  • Portable microhardness tester
  • Metallographic section
  • Laboratory lapping machines
  • Bend Test
  • Ferroxyl test
  • Low pressure microfiltration with high hourly turnover
  • Dual power plants to avoid production stoppages
  • Computerised administration and production system with on-site and off-site remote control

Our Laboratory


Stabilimento: Via F.lli Rosselli 10 – 20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI)
Tel. +39.02.55305457 - Mail: info@deltar.it

Sede Legale e Produttiva: Via F.lli Rosselli, 10 20068 - Peschiera Borromeo (MI)
Uffici: Tel. +39.02.55305101 - Fax +39.02.99990042
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